We all know how terrible a separation can be – is there a better way?

It seems to be inevitable that pain and distress come up, even overwhelms you, when it comes to a separation, especially from a long term partner, but also from children, parents, friends or even pets.

Traditionally there are three ways to handle the problem:

  1. Immerse in fear, anxiety, intense pain and the feeling of being lost all together, the helpless victim
  2. Get furious and angry and try to get vengeance for the hurt, trying to search allies against the other – or your destiny
  3. Pretending that nothing has happened and, outwardly, going on with everyday life while pushing the negative feeling “under the carpet”

All 3 “methods” are not healthy and bring big damage to your own health and the wellbeing and health of the others involved in that game.

But is there a different way to handle these experiences in life? – Yes, there is.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, the Author of CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING

Katherine Woodward Thomas, the Author of CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING

Katherine Woodward Thomas has written a book (find the link below) which is a real game changer. It was born out of her online-courses on CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING which I attended ( I am also a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach).

Katherine lines out a practice which you can learn and follow which will take much of the negative wind out of the sail of hurt, blame and suffering.

Get the book CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING by Katherine Woodward Thomas HERE

We in THE WISDOM FACTORY have had a live interview with Katherine where she gives you an introduction to the CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING PROCESS.

Watch the video and learn how to avoid and repair the pain of a present or past separation