Mainstream science believes that CONSCIOUSNESS is a function of the brain, or at least strictly connected with our brains and cannot exist without a brain.

The eastern Wisdom Traditions know for a long time that consciousness has no intrinsic connection with the brain, although it has some correspondence.

The Western Science has had a hard time to even begin to allow the thought that consciousness exists, and that it can exist without the material basis which they believe the fundament of the Universe – that seems still to much to ask of them.

The materialistic view has been a long term DOGMA in modern science, a RELIGION and BELIEF system, more than research of what is REALITY. Slowly, slowly, single traditionally trained scientists begin to discover that what they believed to be right is not the truth at all and they are open to research in the true sense of doing science: curiosity and not attached to a pre-defined outcome.

To name only a few of these scientist, maybe the most known ones: Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, Greg Brandon, Deepak Chopra, Nazim Harramein etc

And here someone who is not known well in the “alternative” circles: Dr. Bruce Greyson. His studies embrace:

  • near death experiences,
  • children who report past lives,
  • normally functioning people who have no or very little brains,
  • and more.

Watch this amazing talk held in Daramsala, the home of the DALAI LAMA