Christine Doan at the IEC Conference in Hungary


Why USA and Australia are more different than it seems.

People in North America and Australia are using the very same language, English of course, which would make them similar to the rest of the world. But there are some fundamental differences which you can grasp well if you know Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics.

Christine Doan is a passionate Integralist, she, like myself, is fascinated by the deeper insights and the different perspectives on the world and on oneself which you gain when you explore and think guided by integral parameters. 

As native US American who has been living in Australia for most of her life, Christine has found an explanation for the deeply felt differences between the countries and cultures using the levels of development, basically. She gave a workshop about that at the Integral European Conference 2018 in Hungary, and that, in itself, was an occasion for her to learn about her own stages and the shift needed from one to the other in different moments. An occasion for her own learning, as she says in the interview we had a few weeks ago.

Listen to this conversation and hopefully you have as much fun as we both had when talking with each other. If you want to go to specific parts, you can use the time stamps which indicate the minute in the video where we talk about specific things.


Christine Doan

1:00 Christine lives in Australia, but is American. Her experience with INTEGRAL and with the Conference: overview.

2:50 Getting to know INTEGRAL has revolutionized our lives.

3:40 Christine’s insights of Integral Peter Burow

6:50 What is the apprenticeship of the 21st century?

8:10 the overwhelm when meeting first Integral Theory. An overview:  Ken Wilber: Integral Vision

9:00 Integral is “psychoactive”

10:10 Jeff Salzman sees the Kavenaugh problem from an integral perspective. The difference of judging things and behavior in the different levels of development. Jeff helps us to understand life and culture without buying into polarisation. He was introduced to video podcasts by us. Watch our first show with him

13:00 The Integral European Conference and Integrales Forum in Germany. Christine explains why she went to the conferences. The hugeness of Queensland, everything is far away. She had to go elsewhere. A revelation to be at the first conference IEC in 2014 in Hungary. – Truly INTEGRAL as opposed to USA.

17:50 Integralists have a different way of being together. Heidi shares why she went to meet integralists at conferences. Remembering Mark in his role of Henry Kissinger at the first European constellation. Mark was encouraged to step up and become public.

21:00 “Selbstverständlich”, it goes without saying, everyone is on the same vibe where you can tune in. We feel uplifted and we learn more with people who are far ahead of us.

23:00 What Christine personally learned.: A case study of her own behaviour. The challenge of the elevator pitch and then to hold her workshop. Contrasting behavioral patterns.

28:30 The language of the levels of consciousness: we need to practice all the levels. A project to hold workshops in practicing the language of the different levels.

35:00 Christine’s workshop at the IEC: An integral comparison between USA and Australia. A short admiration for germany’s capacity to look at the shadow, the “inner Nazi”.

36:52 Both countries seem similar, but there are quite different, due to the levels of development. Christine’s insight/thesis: America: red-orange, individualistic

38:10 a short explanation of the colors

42:10 Australia: the heart is blue and green. Collective and un-individualistic. Australia likes big Government and be regulated, socialized medicine, everyone is looked after (blue). Green: the depth of the Australian sould: inclusive and looking after people.

45:20 Where does that come from: Historic explanations: America: go west, Australia. Prisoners and masters were dependent of each other. Founding  time was different, which makes up for a cultural difference.

52:45 Heidi acknowledges to have learned something interesting today. Christine is “matching the patterns, and with Integral she found explanations for what she was thinking about.

54:15 Heidi about Italy. CHRISTINE: Australia is a kind country, while America is not

57:30 Heidi’s wrap up with elevator pitch for learning about Integral Christine: Integral has changed my life for the better.