Facilitating the growth of young leaders with Fred Jones

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Fred Jones

Fred Jones

When people get older they often feel distant to the younger generations and at the same time they perceive themselves as not really belonging to the “world” anymore, especially when they are retired and lack life purpose. Well, we know from psychology that our beliefs are constructed by ourselves – and therefore we can also change them and are not their helpless victim.

So, let’s try: You feel not connected to young people and you don’t have a compelling life purpose? Why not combining the two things for the benefit of everyone?

Fred Jones gives a perfect example of how you can do it: First get yourself together and become confident of your abilities – which you certainly have gathered during a long life time. And then educate yourself to speak and inspire with what you say. And when you are good in doing that get some young people together, your grand children, their friends, whoever you can reach and PLAY with them really useful role plays where they can practice their speaking skills, their ability to listen and give constructive feedback and finally to lead themselves their groups.

I hope you will get inspired by the conversation we had with Fred Jones to create something alike in your surrounding!

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HEIDI HORNLEIN is the leading force behind the Association “Il Paradiso Integrale”. She has lived for more than 30 years in Umbria, Italy. She works as a coach both online and in the Paradiso Integral. She runs the Wisdom Factory´s live webinars alone or with other co-hosts after her husband and collaborator Mark Davenport passed away in 2018. She enjoys talking with people who want to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom with the world.

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