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Today, Astrology is considered a weekly fun game for believers who read the horoscope and believe in what is said in their preferred magazine. Once it was the science of the movement of the celestial bodies, alongside with astronomy. Astrology observed the constellation of the planets and what was going on in the world and in the lives of humans.

With enlightenment, Astrology was pushed into the corner of non-science, due to the negation of the relevance, even existence of immeasurable, non material processes. The interiority of humans, the connection to something outside of our rational minds, was ignored and ridiculed for a long time, but fortunately it started to re-appear with the rise of the “green” level of development.

Many previously banished aspects of life are being recovered today, especially by people with an integral oriented mindset. But Astrology and the possibility of intelligent life on other planets are still in the taboo zone, even of people who believe themselves “integral” or “holistic”.

This seems weird to me. As integralists we should have included rationality in our toolset. The probability that human-like life is restricted to our own planet is near zero, when you consider that there are at least 8 planets in our galaxy with conditions like here on earth, and we know that uncountable other galaxies exist. Our ego loves to believe that we humans here on earth are special and absolutely unique. And extraterrestrials just cannot exisit. Therefore it is woowoo, if you only think about them as a real possibility. The brainwashing by ridiculisation has worked well, and integralists are largely infected by these beliefs, too.

Astrology, on the other hand, is a little less speculative. But still there is the dogma: “ even if it were true, I wouldn’t believe it”. It is considered pre-rational and therefore worthless. But, actually, it is a typology of human qualities and possibilities, far longer researched than Enneagram or Meyer-Briggs. It has failed so far to be considered, probably due to the way it was used by manipulative fairytale tellers or ignorant and irresponsible journalists who have no real idea what they are talking about.

What does it take to rehabilitate Astrology and to take it seriously, at least by people who believe to be open minded? There are people who try to initiate a shift from denigration into consideration. One of them is the young Mexican integralist Heriberto Giusti. He has discovered an astonishing parallel to integral theory. He is starting to map out Astrology to give us a further instrument to get to know ourselves.

We know, that the sun and the moon affect things here on earth. How can we believe that other bodies in the sky are insignificant to us and our lives? It is time to abandon our insufficient belief systems and to dig deeper into the treasures of the information offered to us!

So, if you are wondering why authoritarianism is en vogue these days, listen to what Heriberto tells us about the alignment of planets in the sky and the outcomes on earth. Maybe we should give it a second thought and not just throw it in the rubbish bin without even taking a look at it!!


From time immemorial, humanity has looked into the sky in order to find some sense of meaning for their lives. Why are we here? What are we supposed to be doing in this peripheral planet in such a huge Cosmos? Could it be that the Universe is trying to communicate something that helps us in that searching for purpose? Many thinking persons have tried to figure out if this is so, from Mesopotamia (or even earlier) all the way up to the philosophers and astrologers of the 21st Century. In fact, it can arguably be said that no other system of knowledge has stood the passage of time as much as astrology has.

But hey! Humanity has been wrong so many times. And there are so many wrongheaded people out there making a huge profit for selling what seems to be just contradictory interpretations of the Cosmos. Could it be that astrology is just a human delusion? Could it be that the Universe is just an arid, lifeless, chaotic and meaningless place? Or maybe there’s an underlying order of it all… and neither the most simplistic astrologers nor the most fierceful critics are able to comprehend the magnificence and mysteriousness of this vast and beautiful Cosmos.

I think that time’s up for this most ancient of knowledge systems to be updated with the best of the 21st Century Knowledge. And maybe, after a careful scrutiny on the what, why, when, how, where and who of the Cosmic-Human situation, after fully acknowledging the multidimensionality and creative evolution of it all, after fully recognising that we don’t know just how much we DON’T know, then we could come to a startling realisation: we are One with the Universe, and there’s a reason for us being here.

December, 2019


0:00 Intro Heidi

1:20 Heriberto introduces himself. Investigative journalism

3::15 The day of 5 synchronicities – linked with Astrology which now came into his life. Connection discovered with Integral Theory

4:50 Astrology is not taken seriously in the integral community.

5:45 Heriberto explains a little about Astrology. SWilber: pre-trans fallacy. H. restructures it without this fallacy-

6:45 First pictures

7:45 Where integral meets Astrology: evolutionary stages correspond to the archetypal description of Astrology.

9:00 Chart: Planets related to chakras and the levolutionary stages.. Saturn and Uranus are the 2 sides of the same coin.

12:30 Archetypes Jung:: psychic e nergy capable of structuring consciousness always evolving

17:45  Chart: a new set of quadrants

18:40 Mark Edwards: Necessity to bring another set of quadrants into integral theory, regarding subtle energies: Wilber confuses between material and consciousness energies  

20:00 Chart of the proposed other quadrants

21:00 In journalism you try to explaim things with the fundamental questions, the 6 dobble-us. Who, where, what, why, where and how. Juxtaposition of the energy quadrant on Wilber’s hought. The features of the layers.

24:00 The birthchart is a map of the potential – the cosmic address

26:      Astrology is a typology? Not acquired in life, but by the moment of birth. – Astrology is deterministic and also free. Ascendent: where the sunbegins to rise > Zenit > descendent. Ascendent represents your first personality, sun sign peersonality: the possibility.

29 a metaphore for the quadrants. The LR is more elemental, doesn’t really have to do with you.. Ascendent =UR.  Zenit =UR, quadrant of truthfulness. Your highest potential. LL= giving to the community collective conscious, Jung: Collective transconsious. Causal realm.

33:55 death and rebirth. Heidi about conscious ageing – what is life? Learning and giving back to others what you have learned. 

36:25 Akashic field. Interconnection. 

37:10 Heriberto’s birth chart confirmed his direction in life. Doing Philosophy . Shedding light on things which are taboo, not much researched and not well understood is his calling. Horoscope aligns with his typologies Meyer-Briggs and enneagram, Astrolgy is just a map, you need to go into the terriory, re-do the maps when necessary.

42:00 Astrology is not fixed, there is possibility fordevelopment. WHY is in the middle of the chart. We always find new perspectives.

43:08 Heidi’s experience with a reading., Libra with ascendent Leon. Heidi’s story. Evaluation by Heriberto. Leon = animus ++, libra linked with Venus

47:30 Chart. Referring to Wilber: differentiation . Libra: beauty and harmony. Libra 2nd chakra, leon more emotional. 

50:40 The libra qualities were part of the developmental process.Shadow part of the sign.from fake to real harmony

53:55 chart: Zodiac signs related to forms of therapy. Explanations.

56:50 Becoming an Adult (Transactional Analysis). Going on with the signs and therapies.

1:02:00 Astrology is a more encompassing typology than Meyer Briggs or Ennegram. Therapies connected with levels of development (Wilber) vs. with the zioday signs. Heidi canno really evaluate what Heriberto presented, but invited to dig into it a little more to learn it better. Encouraging Heriberto to get Astrology out of the “woowoo” corner. The article by Heriberto. 1:05:05 Heidi encourages Heriberto.

1:06:00 A comment to the integral comunity. Wilber in One Taste crityises  astrology, but what he is criticizing is not the REAL astrology. Book recommendation: “Cosmos and Psyche” How certain alignment of the planets were correlated in history with certain events in humanity. Example.

1:08:30 Totalitarianism. Next year will be that conjunction of Saturn and Pluto! Also positive results. 

1:10:20 Astrology is not only for personal understanding, but also that of what is going on in the world!  Example Schopenhauer. Breakthroughs in his philosophy in certain alignments of the planets. Other book recommendation.“The scientific basis of astrology” 

1:13:10 Heidi: science allows people to overcome the biases and taboo. Invitation to the integral community.  An invitation to find out if things are reasonable, not just believing that they are not!

1:14.   WInding down: Integral theory means: adding to the theory, it is everybody’s theory. With time we will understand more. Even the mystery of the cosmos. 

1:15:45 Blaise Pascal: “Human beings are nothing compared to infinity, but infinite compared to nothing” We need to find our place in the Kosmos.

Heriberto Giusti says about himself

I was born and raised in the city of Culiacán, which is in the state of Sinaloa, in Mexico. I studied Industrial Engineering in college and received my degree in the winter of 2016. Nevertheless, although I recognize the importance of such profesion in the realm of human productivity, I figured it out that my personal journey was to be somewhere else.

So, right after graduating, I began working as a journalist in a highly respected news media in town (Noroeste); there, I carried out several investigative pieces on topics such as corruption, drug trafficking, environmentalism and urban design, among others.

But two and a half years later, though, I realized that I had to bring my passion for research into other areas, so I began linking what I learned there with my six or so years of studying Integral Theory to dig into the highly misunderstood topic of astrology, and how it relates to human affairs. On the other hand, I’m also into music, martial arts and the further reaches of human nature.


Download the charts and the full article written bey Heriberto Giusti




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