The video above is part of a conversation which we had with Barbara von Meibom and Jon Freeman.

We are caught still in the old mindset in many ways. Women don’t fully appreciate the role as mother and caregiver and if they want to maintain their jobs and follow up in their careers they get stressed out. They still do the main part in child education – although an increasing number of men sincerely wants to be a caring part of the family and engage with the growing up of their children, but in the outside world everything seems to be the same as usual.

Men are highly stressed in their position in the world. They might not feel it in themselves as the culture has educated them to be “strong” and not feel their feelings – who would go to war and get injured and killed if the fear of being hurt was imminent. But the psychological reality brings forth highly aggressive men or burn outs, both sides of a same coin.

As we discussed in the previous episodes: women are willing to take on the task for change. For men it is a double difficult situation. First they receive their value from their productivity, effectiveness and success – which depends also of the hours which they are willing to spend working for their career which then they don#t have available to spend with their families.

On the other side, a woman has the possibility to step back from work and career when she has children. And that leads the man within the mindset of needing to be the breadwinner.  This seems to be an almost irresolvable dilemma as women with children definitely need help and, also in the interest of their children, shouldn’t be burdened with needing to earn all the money the family needs by spending many hours far from the family.

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