Allow your purpose to find you – with Lais Cossermelli

Heidi writes

The purpose of “homo economicus” is to work a lot and to earn money. Our world today fosters human identity as homo economicus, to the exclusion of other important aspects of life. Even when we awake to the idea that life might be more than a career, money and a fancy lifestyle, it is really difficult to figure out the purpose of our individual life, of our soul. Nowadays there are many courses and other opportunities offered to reach this goal. This has become another business for many people, “soul workers”, and it is not guaranteed that you will find your purpose there. Often it seems that, the more you are looking for it and chasing it, the less you find it, the less you are certain what it would be for you.

So how can we know for sure why we are on this planet and what our task is in life? Lais, my conversation partner from Brazil, has the answer: Allow your purpose to find you instead of you trying hard to find it yourself!

You might ask: how can I do that? Probably there are many ways, but all have in common one thing: listening closely and observing yourself with curiosity. Discover the things you feel drawn to, which give you enthusiasm and energy and which make it possible for you to overcome “normal” limitations. The actions which start deep inside, which are not thought out by the brain but are a felt urge to bring them into being; those things which are born in the heart and accompanied by the mind; it is this inner certainty which arises and stays despite the messages of your head or from other people about what you should rather do. You might not be able to give a logical reason for your decisions, you just KNOW that this is the path to take, that the future is calling you! Meditation and other practices can help you to enter into that space where this inner knowing can arise. Find your way, and start walking it!

Lais talks about her life and how it is evolving into what she feels as the pull from the future. She has a calling, she is following this call without knowing exactly how the path will unfold. She is a real inspiration for all of us. Never think, that what your soul’s purpose is can never be achieved. It will unfold step by step. Just go and keep the confidence, follow yourself with love and curiosity – and get your ego out of the way, your continuous thoughts which ask you different things!

I met Lais in an online course with Otto Scharmer called GAIA JOURNEY ( We met in a conversation to get to know each other better and also to talk about our cultures and the specific situation in our countries, especially regarding the Corona Crisis and the consequences for our lives.

We decided to publish this conversation for, Lais, though, edited those parts of her contribution which she considered to be too private to be given into the public space. Thus my contributions seem to be very long in proportion to hers. Thanks for your understanding!


Videopost for July 29th, 2020


0:00 The chat starts: we meet for the first time for a private chat – which then turned out to be of interest and to be published. 

0:20 Lais talks about her work, also in Germany and Svizzerland, as well as the experience to be home during the Corona crisis

2:00 How come that you came to Europe? Human development, always personal interest. Toyata principle as administrative processes. Later Human Resources, turning point in her life for many reasons. 

4:30 Supporting leaders to enhance awareness. 

6:00 HR? Humans as machines? – challenging: “what does it mean to be human? Manifesting oneself in the wholeness. Some enterprises are looking for such an approach, depending on their level of development.

8:45 Observations during Covid19. Energy goes towards new things. I.e. Online workshop for people in her hair-salon, supporting the ladies there to get into contact with themselves when the are not “doing”

12:00 People without guidance or map are overwhelmed and confused  in situations like Corona. Doing things differently: the system changes when the ceo changes.

14:40 Heidi about feminine seductivity for open up the minds of people out of their blockages. Connecting from the feminine. Midwifing the men into their feminine possibilities.

17:20 The son of Lais shows a picture he did about a Brasilian celebration. Embracing the situation.

18:30 Lais is confident in what is going to emerge in her life. Her Master Degree, from Law to psychology. Consciousness. Mystical background together with traditional psychology. Science and Mystics combined (transpersonal psychology). Ken Wilber is included.

21:50 Pulling from the future. A calling leads what she is doing = the feminine way. Listen to calling and use intuition with trust.

23:15 Heidi mentioned “The Archetypes of the soul”. The soul chooses the conditions. The soul makes sure that you learn what you need to learn. COnsenting with whole heart what life is bringing to you, then it is in accordance with your souls purpose: 

26:00 It needs surrencer and not engage with the mind too much. Accepting and enjoying the calling. Talking to one’s soul.. Titles of the books in German.

28:00 Heidi talks about her interview with Marion about the Soul Matrix (in German). Varda Hasselmann, Frank Schmolke

30:15 Lais: curious to learn more and connect to the Wisdom. Lais refers to GAIA (presencing institute of Otto Scharmer). Lais refers also to Stanislav Grof. CHurch has delimited the image of soul

32:20 Brasil and Corona? How is Lais coping? She believes that the structure is not collapsing

34:15 Politics is an obstacle, lack of awareness. The belief that the economic system is the basis, not life itself.

36:30 Hope for a better leadership. The hope for change because of Corona seems to have failed. Economy could be different. Changing only one Axiom changes everything

38:50 Upper left and upper right in Integral goes first, structures, especially politics is behind.

39:50 Heidi’s task is connecting with people to exchange ideas. About The Women’s groups Heidi is organising.

41:10 Lais comments.


About Lais Cossermelli 

Lais Cossermelli is based in Brazil, for 19 years working in a multinational company in the fields of Law, Project Management, MKT and in the last 8 years in Human Resources. She has work experiences in Germany and Switzerland, responsible for change management and cultural transformation. Currently she is in the second year of a Master’s Degree in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology with Alef Trust in the UK. Lais is passionate about the expansion of our human potential from a systemic viewpoint, integrating our ecological perspective.