Life is a creative process with Ulrike Hofmann-Schüll

When we are young we are deeply involved in the challenges of our lives and we live from one small goal to the other: end school with sufficient votes to study what we want to study in University or whatever school we envision, end the professional formation, have a family and love in our lives, climb up the success ladder, gain social status etc. All these things which keep us occupied and rarely allow us to take a breath and ask ourselves: how come that I am doing what I am doing, that I am as I am?

When we get older we have a bigger chance to slow down a little. To look back and discover patterns in our lives, often also the “red line” which has guided us through our lives so far and we realise how events and periods of our lives make sense within the bigger picture.

I find it very interesting to listen to the life stories of others, hear about their passions and doubts, the bravery to go ahead and the failures along the way which often reveal themselves as pushes into the future and into a wider consciousness,

This week I talked with Ulrike Hofman-Schüll, who knew right away that going to University would have brought her into a professional life she didn’t like. She chose a manual artisan work, she went to a school for goldsmiths and aroused the opposition and “good advices” of everyone around her. She was courageous enough to resist the social pressure and did what she felt was the right thing for her.

Ulrike found out how manual and artistic work is enhancing her intellectual capacities, a fact which most academic schedules totally ignore to the detriment of their students and later academics. It is fascinating to hear what she had done in her life and what joy and satisfaction she had gained by becoming herself fully by finding her own independent way through life.

Enjoy the conversation!


Creativity is defined as an ability of living systems and as a phenomenon by which something new and valuable is brought into existence. Intelligence, ex- perience, knowledge and perception are interacting, and two or more very dif- ferent things, themes or levels are combined. All humans go through this process several times a day, along with their every decision and problem solving. The more far-reaching the case is, the more consciously we choose creativity and flexibility inorder to produce something really new and good for the better of all.

From her book:
“All the Way to the Stars and back: About the Creative Process”

In the  ONLINE SALON of “Integrales Forum”  for September 4th, 2019


Ulrike decided to become a goldsmith instead of going to university right after school. She enjoyed the manual work and developed her way of creating jewellery. Later she went to several art-schools to integrate also the academic part of her passion.

Ulrike’s life is rich in experiences of all kind which has led her to love and appreciate life and to be of help to others with her work as energy healer. She has integrated all 4 quadrants – in integral language – and has gone through her developmental lines with joy and appreciation.


“All the way to the stars and back” – About the creative process  by Ulrike Hofmann-Schüll

Find Ulrike’s book at your bookshop or order it from her website :www.tiger-gold.de



Ulrike Hofmann-Schüll in a German book shop event

Ulrike Hofmann-Schüll’s contribution for CONSCIOUS AGEING (in German)