October 30th 2019

Ageing: Spiraling down to beige? with Loraine Laubscher

Loraine Laubscher
When we get older, we often forget that we have a choice: abandon ourselves to the needs and declines of the body? Or preparing for staying alive and awake as long as possible? We have the chance to sow a seed for the future, at any age.


When we are born, we start out in Beige, the first level of development in Spiral Dynamics which is characterised by the need for safety and security, for food and shelter, for survival. This is the stage where the infant needs constant help with almost everything. Then we grow up, through other stages, hopefully, and then? When we face old age we fear to turn back into beige, to a situation where we need help for almost everything, again. We fear that this might happen to us and this could be one of the main reasons why we try to ignore our getting older as long as possible.

The fear is huge to, one day, not being able anymore to be auto sufficient, and to “lose our minds” with Alzheimer disease. It takes a leap of courage to consciously prepare for that time in which we won’t be able to live the same way as we were used to. Not only that, but we need to consciously work on keeping our physical and mental abilities alive as long as possible.

But how?

First of all, we need to explore ourselves, get to know our strengths and weaknesses and train our will. Thus we will do our physical exercises, eat healthier food and take our supplements, even when we are tempted to just relax and do nothing. iI is, maybe, even more important to find new meaning in our lives, which gives us the direction, even if we have to face unpleasant periods. If the body isn’t working like before, we still can do what it is able to do, even improve our mobility by constant training. And it is mandatory to train our mind for not giving in to despair, but instead enabling us to find something exciting.

Al contrary to our common ideas, we can learn new things, always. Epigenetics teaches us that the brain can create new pathways. But they need to be trained, constantly, to stay alive. When we are mentally active, also the body benefits. So in CONSCIOUS AGEING, the crucial advice of our guests is: don’t give in to the desire of rest – you can rest enough after death! – but keep staying active. Find meaningful tasks which challenge you enough to keep your mind functioning and even increasing its capacities of making new connections, getting new insights, seeing the bigger picture; in short, gaining WISDOM.

Not everyone will write their Phd in their 80ies, as our guest Loraine Laubscher did. But studying, learning new things and producing the seed to benefit those who come after us: everyone can set this goal and walk the path towards its fulfilment.


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0:00 Loraine on the topic

0:17 Heidi intro to Loraine. The previous conversation with here HERE

1:30 Loraine goes back to Jung and the collective unconscious. We are starting from birth, beige. ALL stages have positive AND negative, but “lower levels” should not be looked down from people who believe themselves in “higher levels”. 

3:00 Examples of older people in beige in an old peoples’ home.

4:50 The work in life on the physical or/and soul point of view. Only physical can lead to problems with mental presence. Smiling on those people, rituals are important, the power of music. 

7:30 The comparison with a baby. African dancing, the rhythm in us.

8:10 About the Bushmen, nomades are in beige. It is not about blood relaionship, just about working together. Bushmen had 26 senses, we have 5-8! They were very capable in many things! Hunting ritual.

11:10 We need to look where we came from!  Looking back on how people survived in 20 century: Lessons to be learned! Transferring information in the collective unconsciousness!

12:50 Sangomas can tap into the collective unconscious. 

13:25 Loraine is still practicing for old age. Completing things in this life. Adjustments in another lifetime?

14:20 Value systems are living systems, we need to live them.

15:00 About Clare Graves and beige people around her, a story of addiction and more. Positive an d negative expression of beige.

17:20 How do people transition? People die in the retirement center. It is part of life!! The example of nature.

18:45 Conscious Ageing is about sowing good seeds. The story of Noah and the arch: disasters connected with water. When it happens, we don’t know. Important what we are doing today. 

21:17 Heidi talks about what she heard. End of this life is not the end? Heidi’d experience with the capacities of Sargomas. The akashic field.

23:28 Lorqaine speaks about 2 previous lives. Was it a dream? Everyone needs to go their own path! An example of a lady who was in a car accident how, in shock, she passed through the levels until beige and back again. The movement from one system/level to the other. In the living system you can move down and up according to the circumstances.

 A sort of consciousness is present. Addicts and bi.polars often don’t want to be helped.

29:30 Loraine is ageing consciously, she is tempted to go further .

30:00 Heidi’s appreciation: openness to life. 

31:10 Age is just a number – like when you go to the hospital..

32 we don’t know when we die and what we need to deal with. 

32:50 A inspirational reminder to people I AM HERE NOW. LIFE IS FUN!

33:35 When do we think to be OLD? – “Still doing”. 

34:20 Loraine thought to not get older than 30 and prepared for that

34:45 Preparing for death is important, also from the practical perspective.  Doing something in life which is meaningful

36:00 Loraine about Astro travelling. Searching will lead you to experience. Getting on different trains.

The previous conversation with here HERE

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