Joyful Tripping  A conversation with Miriam van Groen

Heidi writes

In our times where Corona is an ever present threat all over the world, we can observe our weird relationship to drugs. We believe to have resolved everything as soon as the pharmaceutical industry has found a drug against the virus as well as a vaccine, and we are ready to accept the inevitable side effects of those drugs. When you start with taking drugs regularly you have a very good chance to become addicted or to get ill from what they contain, but these drugs are perfectly legal and even almost exclusively recommended and prescribed by our doctors. The consumption of potentially dangerous drugs for the cure of some symptom is ever increasing, as well as the harm they are causing. There are many testimonies for that. If you are interested: here the story of Jordan Peterson who almost died because of the assumption of the drugs prescribed by his doctor and who is not fully healthy yet, after a year of struggle.

As for the pandemic right now: How many doctors recommend boosting the immune system by Vitamins and minerals.and more? Almost 100% of the people who died from Corona had a significant lack of Vitamin D. So why is everyone talking about future chemical drugs instead of telling people how they could prevent an infection? This is a rhetorical question, because we know the why: Vitamin D or C or other preventive measurements don’t bring money to Big Pharma. Hence society doesn’t talk about them, doctors don’t learn about them. Actually, they get brainwashed in believing only in chemical drugs and dismissing all healing modalities which are not beneficial for the medical industrial complex. Too bad for those who are ill and still believe in the ethical vow of doctors to do their best for healing the fellow human being.

It is a crime to withhold healing from people who are in need.

What about pain? Some years ago a German health insurance company made a study and realised that pain medication has a score of less than 30, while acupuncture something like 80 and then they started to pay it for their members. A good step which didn’t have a lot of follow up so far, Big Pharma is eager to not get these things known too widely.

Also depression: psychotropic drugs are not very effective and can have disastrous side effects (see the video mentioned above), but they are exclusively given to patients and doctors ignore other and more effective ways like the use of hallucinogen substances like magic mushrooms. In most countries this sort of drugs is legally forbidden and their possession or use considered a punishable crime, while drugs like alcohol are not only allowed, but the states get money from it and provide more fodder for the medical industrial system, as the destructiveness for people’s health is widely recognised, but as we know, totally accepted.

People who use alcohol to fight their depression enter deeper and deeper into it, People who use Psilocybin, only once or very few times, get out of the depression forever. Finally clinical studies are going on in several countries (Johns Hopkins research) and the facts of beneficial results regarding anxiety relief, healing from addictions and depression, cancer and end-of-life care are undeniable Here a Ted Talk as an introduction. And here another one.)

Magic Mushrooms are magic in resolving many problems, they are not addictive, theoretically they can be found on the meadow behind your house and the treatment has no lasting negative side effects like most of the pharmaceutical drugs. On the contrary, the treatment is sending you on a trip of discovery, of beauty and awe. It has the power to reconnect you to life and to your purpose. There are only some contra-indications, like a family history of schizophrenia & psychosis, anti-depressant use, certain personality disorders, and a few physiological issues contraindication – and the fact that it is not allowed and you risk legal consequences in most countries, but not in the Netherlands, where my guest Miriam van Groen is guiding people on their trips into the realm of self-healing and conscious awareness..

Videopost for September 9th, 2020

0 Heidi’s intro

1:40 Miriam, a psychedelic trip guide, about her work

2:20 Why Heidi is interested

4:30 Miriam: a renaissance of the psychedelic movement. The stigma, the loss of control: scary but at the same time a gift.

6:00 Different class of drugs: stimulants and depressants. PSychodelics are anti-numming and anti-addictive.

8:10 Heidi talks about her experience

10:50 joyful empowerment. A way you are held by life. The changes are smooth and often without you realising it.

12:45 The confrontation with the controlling voice.

14:15 The sense of safety is important. THe experience won’t look like what you think it would.  “Guided tripping”

15:50 3 stages, preparation, experience, after the experience. Attitude is important. Exploration instead of expectations Curiosity is important.

18:00 Anything can happen. The guide helps if difficult things arise.

19:00 Heidi about a fellow travelor in resistance. 

19:50 Impossible not to have expectations and normal to be a little nervous. Breathing and allowing. 

21:00 Being in awe, seeing the wonder of e.g. the colors which appear like in 1001 night! The experience connects you to beauty.

23:00 Use of psychedelics and why it has been banned.

25:15 How mushrooms are experienced. Noetic Creating peace by exploring realities.

experience. Levels of consciousness in what is really real?

28:40 The propaganda  of the “bad trip”: They are avoidable by preparing well and reorientation by the guide. 1:1 accompaniment in every moment.

31:30 A non-specific amplifier of what is going on in you. A whole system experience. A deeper knowing of things which are mot necessarily new.

33:10 Heidi shares an experience “it doesn’t matter” Understanding of why we do things normally. Compassionately laughing of what you thought to be so important. Uplifting memories

36:15 Feeling the hard things reveals that they are not as bad as you thought. Be with the things, an increased possibility to do that. GTime doesn’t exist. 

37:55 Third phase: the direct experience and afterwards. What usually happens. From being in the experience to starting to process it. Starting the integration. Taking the time to take care for the new seed to take roots and grow.

42:10 Neuroplasticity, two weeks after the experience, new linkages can be formed.

44:45 How can we hold this space for a longer period? Default network is strong, you need to pay close attention! Non judgemental attitude is helpful.

47:00 Letting go of that doesn’t mean to get lazy, it is just a different, more relaxed attitude

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48:30 Depression and fear of end of life: it can help. What about Mark?

49:45 Miriam gives a summary of the use of halocinogenes: for fun, intentional  and medical/therapeutic. Studies about the severe cases and the usefulness. Therapeutic use is available in the Netherlands. They are conducting a research project. For addiction, smoking, depression, end of life anxiety etc. With more difficult things going on you better don’t do it alone but with the appropriate support.

It is a crime to withhold these possibilities to people who desperately need it. 

55:30 Contact info.

IT IS CRIMINAL THAT IT IS CRIMINAL! Decriminalisation efforts are going on. 

About Miriam van Groen

As a Psychedelic Trip Guide, I love being able to support people through highly meaningful moments and to be a calm nervous system or anchor for their experience. After years of immersing myself in a great variety of personal and spiritual growth methods, as well as enjoying psychedelics both recreationally and intentionally, a friend asked me to sit with him while he journeyed for the first time. What I learned that day and have honed ever since is that my presence, care, and knowledge allow people to relax into their trip. What happens during the experience has a big impact because it is injected into a deeper layer of being – a layer that the psilocybin makes much more readily available.

The presence, intuitions, and skills we bring to the session, make sure that the whole experience (including preparation and integration) is not only safe, but exciting, insightful and effective. My colleagues and I use modalities such as circling, systemic work, voice dialogue, intuitive bodywork, awareness of enneagram/other typologies, as they become relevant. This is about curious exploration and meeting what comes up, rather than forced “shoulds”, “getting rid of” or silver bullets. Our collaboration with the substance never has set goals, but instead leverages any potential for joyful empowerment.