Stepping into an integral perspective on Christianity


I left the lutheran church in my early twenties, not having visited any religious service from right after my confirmation. I didn’t feel that religion could offer me something – or that people in charge in church were absolutely not attractive for my youthful spirit.

When I came across  Ken Wilber’s book and later met people who were forming an integral community in Germany, it seemed to me that Buddhism was the only viable way of being “spiritual”. But why Buddhism for us who were all embedded in the occidental culture? It seemed like a strange fashion to me, wanting to flee one’s own history by adopting a religious system which is completely exotic to what was present in our culture.

Buddhism certainly has valuable practices which can help us Westeners to learn more about ourselves and to lead us into different stages of consciousness which were not present and included as “normal” in our culture. But adopting a different culture for satisfying our need for a spiritual life? It didn’t make sense to me at all.

Later I became a choir master in a protestant church, in a certain sense I came back, but merely physically. I still couldn’t adhere and agree with the church as it presented itself to me. so I just went there for the music and couldn’t find any access to the religion which was dominating the history of our continent.

I knew about Paul Smith’s book “Integral Christianity” – but I didn’t read it. I watched some talks by father Thomas Keating, found it interesting, but nothing more. It took me the “Biblical Lectures” on Youtube by Jordan Peterson to get reconciled con Christianity as the leading force of our culture, embrace its contribution and wisdom where I saw only negativity before, and I really got curious about it and want to learn more. A real breakthrough which feels to me to have closed the gap for me of religion and culture.

Now I am really curious how I will be able to explore this new understanding of the value of our Christian roots. Our guest in this conversation, Luke Healy, is co-creating spaces for those like myself, to explore and experience Christianity from a different perspective, from the integral level of understanding and doing. I am looking forward to this journey!


We are Christians who advocate growing up to an integral worldview and waking up to the three faces of God.

Evolving Christians often find themselves lonely. Old friends don’t understand your new experiences and increasingly broader interpretation of the spiritual path. Family and church members start praying you will come to your senses and return to Christianity.

In response to this isolation and in our hope to help provide new pathways forward, we are gathering people together in a new network. We seek to connect integral Christians and provide a staging ground for the further evolution of Christianity.

Christianity began in a blaze of mystical experiences which resulted in the first followers of Jesus gathering together often to further experience the presence of God in and through the living presence of Jesus. We have found that reflecting, relating, and resting in the conscious awareness of the energy fields of others on the same journey in WeSpace practice is vastly transforming.

Come experience it for yourself!

In the  ONLINE SALON of “Integrales Forum”  for August 7th, 2019

The first few minutes of the video are visually distorted due to some problem with the upload to Youtube. We are uploading it again, so please hold on and come to watch it later.

Luke Healy

0:00 Intro Heidi

1:20 Luke talks about his work: Integral Christianity

2:05 Heidi shared her experience with Christianity and her spiritual path. The integral perspective. In German “Gott 9:0” and “Integrales Christentum)

5:15 Luke; his path from traditional church to Integral. Paul Smith: (Integral Christianity). The loneliness, not having people to talk with about the topics which are interesting to us >>> creating communities. 

12:10 Heidi: feeling alone when being interested in the integral worldview.

13:10 Luke connects people on the topic Christianity: what are they doing?

15:20 Breaktimes and meals create community! Creating spaces for collective spiritual practice. Experience the Divine and the experience of Love and a shared collective space.

20:30 Listening to God? – From “Prophesy” to the “3 faces of God”.

22:30 The second face of God: The personal relationship with God: Heidi tells about the nuns near her. Generally a difficult relationship for those grown up in a traditional church. Getting Jesus back!

25:30 What exactly is the “relationship with God”? The subtle realm. The collective intelligence.

28:20 Some “story” about the experiences. Tapping into quantum reality.

32:20 The beauty of nature – The first face of God = the God in us and in all things. Deep knowing and intuition.

34:20 How is the Christian network working? – First person identity in God is essential for moving out into the community and second person. Co-creating. How to find people who want to co-create that way?

38:55 We-space groups.

40:50 Coming together on video – almost like meeting in person. 

42:40 Creating groups for European and Australian time zones? If you are interested, connect with Luke or Heidi!!!

43:50 The concept for these groups.

46:45 Rules and commitments?  So far: “No fixing, no saving, no setting each other straight”. The mature of the group is more practice, less discussion. Healthy guidelines, center of attraction. Initial conversation with new people.

51:40 Re-reading the bible from an integral perspective? Not yet. Writngs about the practice can be discussed at the moment.

53:00 How can we do these things in a financially sustainable way? Limitations on the energy.

54:00 Luke has still to re-cover from childhood experience regarding reading the bible. 

55:30 Connect at admin@ntegralchristiannetwork.com

56:30 Heidi’s chat groups at the Wisdom Factory thewisdomfactory.net

About Luke Healy

Luke Healy is the co-founder of Integral Christian Network, an endeavor to help further the loving evolution of Christian consciousness and practice.

He is passionate about pioneering innovation in forms of spiritual community, in gathering like-minded and like-hearted pilgrims on the spiritual journey, and making mystical experience of God accessible in individual and collective practice.


Paul Smith, author of “Integral Christianity”

Father Thomas Keating & Ken Wilber; Integral Christianity