From uncertainty to the essence, to afterlife and death as a gift

Heidi writes

Accepting uncertainty – About trust in life, the acceptance of getting older and the gift of uncertainty and death

In the second meeting of the young year 2024, the women of Women Matters started their conversation in exploring uncertainty, how to live with it and how to accept it. When we let go of the need for controlling everything, we are gifted with different experiences.

But howcan we do that? – By connecting to essence. Essence is nurtured by space, by infinity in the perception, meditative spaces or alternatively induced by drugs.

Ageing and how to cope with it is another aspect of the topic. We need to accept that sooner or later life needs to be lived differently, things don’t work any more in the same way as they did before. we need to learn to accept this and let go of unreasonable expectations towards oneself and the others.

The only certainty in life is death. When you accompany a person in his or her death process, this regularly is lived as a gift which transforms one’s own attitude towards death. The question about the quality of the afterlife arose and the possibility to chose, what we want to believe about what will be. How do you cchose what to believe?

So many facettes of the topic “uncertainty” and the many ways to embrace it!

Enjoy our conversation!

The conversations took place in January, 2024


Gertraud Wegst. Portrait.

Gertraud Wegst

Portrait of Monika Frühwirth

Monia Fruehwirth

Hannelie Venucia

Martini Rieser

Martini Rieser

Christine King

Beatrice Antonie Martino


Heidi Hornlein

Christine Baser Habib

Christine Baser Habib