Conscious Ageing – a panel with Ann Roberts, Monia Fruehwirth and Firehawk

Panel conscious ageing
When people get older they often don’t realise that, today, there is no need to buy into the traditional story of how to be as a person. We are not anymore “old” when we are over 50, 60 or 70. we have the opportunity to create a whole new and exciting part of our lives.


The CONSCIOUS AGEING series was the result of Mark’s realisation that he might have other 20-30 years to live. He didn’t feel like doing the classical life of a person in retirement, he was inspired to know more about how other people dealt with the “third act” in their lives.

In 2014 we started the live broadcasts of the Wisdom Factory, first about topics around integral theory and practice, and from 2016 especially on “Conscious Ageing”. Mark, for the first time in his life had stepped up on the stage of the second Integral European Conference and presented his insights of how we age, up the spiral.

We did 4 seasons together, the fifth in spring 2019 I did alone in honour of Mark’s passing in June 2018. I had taken the commitment to continue with the work which was at Mark’s heart, and now, with season #6, I am happy to welcome more contributors, some of which have already appeared in the Wisdom Factory.

How to age consciously – this is the topic of our panel discussion. And how can we support others in this quest.


Please visit the webpages in this website with interviews HERE and HERE

Portrait of Monika Frühwirth

Please visit the webpages in this website with interviews HERE and HERE

Panel Conscious Ageing 2019


0:00 Heidi Intro

1:58 Firehawk: a man among women. His spiritual journey. About his collaboration with Ann in the attempt to bring people together to become more fully human

4:30 Monia Fruehwirth. Her life and spiritual journey. Gerotranscendence, in Vienna. “Listening society”. 

6:33 Ann Roberts. About meeting Firehawk and the body of teachings of “Earth Wisdom” which made her feeling home. A passion for consciousness, Ken Wilber’s work, Tom Christensen and Spiral Dynamics. The listening society and the daily evolver. Active wisdom: explore this period in our lives

9:45 Heidi: How she decided to continue the series Conscious Ageing.. Getting married, having children and ageing: You are expected to know how that works, no preparation normally available.

12:00 How do we age consciously? >> Firehawk: consciousness from mid-30ies: A lasting difference of what you do for the world? >> deep dive into consciousness and possibility of relatedness. The woner of finding consciousness!  Understanding his own elderhood AND how reconnecting our elderhood with younger generations? Seeing, knowing, challenging each other.

17:50 Ann: How do indegenous culture see consciousness. An unbroken tradition of the teaching, from 1996 she feels opening up her understanding, embrace complexity, stages of development. “The cosmic Hologram” by Jude Currivan: consciousness creates matter. Information is on the center of creation. 

20:55 Much research about ageing is about loss. Ann is interested in the time between leaving work and very old age where we can move out into life. Conscious ageing: dance of awareness, deliberateness, commitment to make the most of it.

22>:06 Monia: She found the maps of wilber around 2000. She became aware of ageing when she noticed that she was mostly the oldest, doing strange things (like Samadi tank and conversation groups). Not the typical grandmother. Trying to be an authentic person, reliable. Children development can be enjoyed by grandfather, what he couldn’t do previously. Book: Raymond Fismer “Ein ganzer Mann”. Include the feminine side.

26:02 Consciousness is creating reality. A creator of what is missing. How do you get together being in 21st century and Earth wisdom? What language do you use? 

27:30  HO. “I have heard you”  > Ann: during business life: she had the map in her consciousness, without too much declare it openly. After retirement she would be explicit about the teaching. The language? – speak to the listening of the other. Simulcasting = speaking to different levels.

30:02 Firehawk: what if we held the digital space like Zoom as sacred as the earth? The planet has created whole and complete structures. Today: not an either-or. Touching the sacred today. Creating the WE. Dance with 21st century and honoring the previous ones.

33:12 Monia. We-space for women.  One living consciousness. What language to use in a we-space and how it is different from every day language

35:30 Heidi: a technological form of telepathy. Maybe a pre-stage of rediscovering it. The theory of everything and the akashic field by Erwin Lazlo. I need to understand, things need to make sense. Maybe in this part of our life we can come to these new views of the world. 

38:15 Firehawk Understanding by language. Here the conversation is more nurishing than any power-point, laid out stuff. This space allows listening. Elderhood has the promise for the change of consciousness. 

40:45 Heidi: the co-creative space: putting pieces of the puzzle together.

41:40 Ann: Her transition after work life with Mary Catherine Bateson. An Active Wisdom Wheel (see also the first conversation) “My well being”

43:25 Healing of personal and collective dramas. “My development” Steven jenkison: “Come to age”/ Charles Eisenstein: Living between 2 stories. 

45:50 The north: “My vocation”. Barbara Mark-Hubbard: Vocational arousal, super-sex for co-creation, meaningful action in the world. The deepest heart’s desire. Simon Senex: “Start with why”

48:55 The east: the completing place, the freedom for new adventure. Why am I here? Manifestation in co-creative projects. An expanded time to be and listen. Reconnection to the Earth wisdom, freedom as opposed to fill the days with medical prescriptions and worries. We are sacred human beings, we are whole, so contrary to what we were taught, which was mostly critical.

53;07 Heidi about Dementia, integrally seen, by Bettina WIchers

53:40 Monia about freedom. What is freedom? Again suggestion of the book “The listening society”: free FOR something.

55:39 Speak across, bridging the gap. Monia about her peer group trying to find a language to speak with red. Who talks to you from what level? An example. You cannot talk on “green” to a “red” person. We-space allows intuition to arise.

58:28 Firehawk: appreciation for the conversation. A story about an eskimo. Asking questions instead of being told what to do. Listening for the question to ask.

1:00:30 Heidi: bringing people together. Thank you.

1:01:55 Ann enjoyed the integral conversation. She feels Mark’s legacy, where we are sitting now.

1:03:40 The next course with Ann and Firehawk webpage.

November- dreaming time in winter time.