Who are we in times of Corona? – Sharing personal experiences

Heidi writes

A dangerous crown

The King’s crown is golden and precious, Corona is dark and dangerous. For about one month the pervasive topic is the virus and people from all corners of the globe try to construct themself the crown for being the one who knows best.

Everyone knows the official version of how dangerous the virus is and what needs to be done. Most people agree and obey what they are asked to do. Then there are the others, the habitual contradictors, as well as those who have a different perspective on the present situation. For us citizens the best idea would be to listen to as many perspectives and then draw our own conclusion – which actually is not easy.

While the official entities have the mass media on their side which, logically, supports their view, the so called alternative media is caught in their fight against everything the others do. Nothing new on the planet, from this point of view. I believe that it is important to listen to what they say, just to open our minds to different narratives. But this doesn’t mean that they are correct in their views and fear mongering – an attitude which they blame politicians and mass media for, but which they are embracing as well without even realising it, as it seems.

There are some people who take time to research and go into the present situation in depth: of its dangers and benefits, how it came about and how it could end. In the game of black and white views which is so pervasive, these assessments and insights based on solid thinking and facts are not much considered, especially not from the “alternative media” whose job would be to show more objectivity and less ideology than they are usually doing.

Instead they dig out anybody who has a scientific title and who has an opposite view on what our governments have taken on .They blame and shame anyone who dares to think and believe what we are officially told, uttering their private opinion which often is not very grounded in extensive knowledge, but just focus on one or two points. This is no help at all, but increases the uncertainty and fear, even the anger and victimisation of the people who have to follow the instructions and feel and carry the burden of that.

What appears to be really true, in all this situation, is that NO ONE knows enough to pretend to know what it is all about and what should be done, or not be done. The most honest thing would be to admit our present incapacity of knowing for sure and to be willing to cooperate in finding out what could be the best, while being aware that, afterwards, it might turn out not to have been the optimal solution.

We need responsible people who put aside their own need for self presentation and of being right, who let go of their ego for a while and engage in a collective research and exercise of what is best. In our countries the governments have the power of decision – and the responsibility for their decisions – not the single little scientist or journalist or person on the street. When the government has decided a certain strategy, it is up to us to support it as best we can to limit collateral damage. Even if we had a different idea about the causes and the remedies, in such a situation as we are finding ourselves in now, we are called to ease life for the affected people, to comfort them, to encourage them and appeal to their strength and ability to overcome the sacrifices. What I am noticing instead: people who believe to know it better shout their opinions in public, without comprehensive explanations for what they maintain, just to increase the insecurity and the fear. This, unfortunately, only reveals the low level of consciousness of those people, not their expertise.

No doubt, there will come a time when all these questions can be raised – and should be raised. Was the virus as dangerous as it was presented? Was the shut down the right strategy? Is there a reason why such a pandemic occurred, again, other than the transmission by bats or the idea of biological warfare? Is it really true that a Dr.Mabuse is lurking everywhere behind every corner, or is there still a reason to trust in scientists and politicians, despite the fact that there are quite a few untrustworthy ones among them, as is the case with people in general? Many more questions need to be answered when the time comes for that. If we do that now, it is like people under the deck of the sinking Titanic, discussing about how the ship hit the iceberg, who had put it into the way and why the ship was so fragile – instead of running up to secure a space in a lifeboat.

Now is the time to take care of all people in order that they will come out on the other side without psychological damage and with a positive perspective on the future. It is time to think about what life is about, what we really need and what we can let go. We need to abandon our ideas of permanent safety and progression towards ever more material goods. We need to become aware that every technical progress has its cost, either in money or in health, our own health and that of the planet.

And then, we can be really grateful that we are introduced to these questions in a relatively mild way. We experience a situation like our parents and grandparents did during WWII, but we are lucky to have an intact house to stay in and no fear of bombs falling on our heads. Open your heart to what they have gone through, now that you have a glimpse of it, while you are still on the safe side!

Our inquiry needs to be directed towards the meaning of life and who we are when things go differently than we would like and expect. Are we angry, blaming others, or God, for having done bad things to us? Are we grounded in powerlessness and playing the victim believing to be entitled to everything we happen to desire? Or do we understand that our way of living was not in balance with Nature, our technical advances not in balance with our inner development, with morality and ethics? Are we really allowed to do whatever can be done without taking into account the consequences, for ourselves and others?

These are important questions to ask instead of the demand of “going back to normal”, where the normality was completely abnormal. We need to consider all realms of existence as valuable, not only material things, but rather our inner lives and our communities. Following integral theory you can see where we were heading, what was missing in our worldview so far and how we need to grow up, individually and collectively and head towards an integration of all perspectives with a clear criteria for what has more or less value to pursue.

In the case of Corona: Past experiences have shown what, probably, would be the right way to deal with it. In the absence of concrete knowledge at this point we had only the choice: adopt the previously successful strategies or let the situation go wild without any possibility to foresee what might happen. Our governments decided on the first option – everything else would be irresponsible. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that it was the right option, and if there might have been a better one. We can decide only in hindsight, now we need to embark on the path taken and respond to the adjustments which are taken along the way.

We are called into a profound spiritual exercise: surrender to what is, everyone, regardless of which stage of development they happen to be. When people refuse to do so, they render themselves and others more confused and unhappy than necessary. They are responsible not only for their own mental, psychological and spiritual state, but also for that of those who follow them blindly.

In conclusion to my thoughts: I am committed to help and inspire people to overcome these times in the best possible manner. Continuing my work online at I invite people to connect live and chat about life, about their situation and their ideas. Some of the meetings are private, some recorded. Here I publish two meetings about the Corona situation, with the permission of the participants.

Videopost for the series “Living with Corona”, April 9th 2020

Staying at home during the Corona crisis.

This is a perfect time to connect via internet, to use the platforms available to keep in touch, to enjoy each others presence and to share personal experiences.

Thanks to technology we have the possibility to stay connected – and those who defied learning to use them are now called to give up their reluctance and try out new things!

I invited people of my mailing lists to come and join me live on video. Instead of giving in and stay in solitude, nurturing preoccupations and fears, we can come together and inspire each other by sharing our experiences. What I found is that people I meet, here in these conversations or in other groups, they all are positive towards what is going on now. They see the present modalities of life as a priceless chance to slow down, to break out of old habits, to appreciate again life and connection. We are united in the huge hope that we have left behind “normality” and that our future will be different, more humane, respecting each other and our earth. We hope in the insight and realisation that we are called to be stewards of our planet and that money is not to be the fundamental goal of our lives.  Less doing, but BEING should be our future, as well as a return to local and national autonomy, ecological practices and sustainable technology in service to human kind and not a goal in itself.

If this moment can help to shift consciousness of every human being towards the next level, that would be a huge gift! Let’s pray and do our very best to make that happen! Sharing our thoughts and experiences is meant to be a tool which everyone can use to find orientation for their own life! Enjoy!!