Is Post-Modernism Good or Bad? – or just a transitory “green” stage of development?

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The “good thing” and the “bad thing” about Post-Modernism or the Green Meme, as it is called in Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamics. An invitation for important people to unite their forces!

We are observing two influential groups talking about “Green” or “Post-modernism”. Both are right, but have the tendency to stress only one side of the coin. How can we bring the two most valuable groups of thinkers together?

On the one side there is the Integral Community talking about the levels of development and being deeply grateful for the efforts of evolution to have brought us up to “green” and is bringing us higher to “second tier”. The wisdom expressed here in the conversation is highly appreciated and the insights absolutely helpful. We are now in the “winter” of postmodernism – a nice way to talk about the challenges and the pathologies which the “green meme” has brought over us. We are dealing with people who seem to have become crazy in believing – what they chose to believe, as there is no criteria allowed for a discernment between “right” and “wrong”.

Jeff Salzman and Doshin Roshi, as integralists, mention the dark side of post-modernisms although they prefer to not go really deep into it and expose the absurdity strongly enough.

On the other side there are personalities like Dr. Jordan Peterson, Gad Sad or Jonathan Haidt, courageous people whom I deeply respect and appreciate and who fight a upright battle against the absurdities of postmodernism as it sneaks into our societies and takes over power which easily can bring us into a totalitarian nihilistic society.

Both camps are doing a great job in what they are doing, but they are totally ignoring each other instead of uniting their forces to foster the evolution of individuals and societies into second tier by “transcending and including” the previous stages. This sounds like theory. What I mean is: As much as one side needs to include the achievements of “Green” (and not only “Orange”, science, rationality, technology) to become more credible and to avoid a even stronger polarization,  as much the other side needs to address the danger which pathological green constitutes for our societies and the stand they have already reached in dominating the educational system, the social system, even the law which gets bent towards totalitarian claims.

How can we bring you folks together?

About the Author:

HEIDI HORNLEIN is the leading force behind the Association “Il Paradiso Integrale”. She has lived for more than 30 years in Umbria, Italy. She works as a coach both online and in the Paradiso Integral. She runs the Wisdom Factory´s live webinars alone or with other co-hosts after her husband and collaborator Mark Davenport passed away in 2018. She enjoys talking with people who want to share their experience, knowledge and wisdom with the world.

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