November 13th 2019

Ageing with Elegance and Grace – with Raquel Torrent

An inspiration for all of us when getting older: live the beauty, bring your energy up and engage in daily practicing your connection with yourself and the divine in order to become blessed with grace.


What counts in our society is youth, effectiveness, speed and making it all. We teach our children a lot of – ultimately – useless stuff. They are filling their heads and they try to keep up with the expectations, and we fail to teach them the true value of life itself. We even don’t realise how much being in balance is important for our own health and wellbeing. We are too much absorbed in doing things which seem to be important and urgent. Most of the times they are not and we are wasting our life time on what others find we should do.

For a long time we know that our brain has two parts and that one is more active when we learn and are engaged in mental processes, while the other is creative, agile and open and adds the juice to our lives. Unfortunately this is seldom heard and followed by mainstream education. Music and arts are still considered as a more or less useless extra which we can cancel from the curriculum without problems. Really?

In my opinion it is not by chance that depression has become a huge issue in our societies. We have cut out the nurturing elements, our brain has become lopsided, we have lost balance. When we approach the third act of our lives, such a situation is not helpful for enjoying the years which are given to us thanks to modern medicine and technical progress. We ignore the power of our mind, the power of beauty to enhance our energy level – very much to our detriment.
With spiritual practice of any kind we have the chance to lift ourselves up, to see the beauty around us, to create beauty in ourselves and in what we do, and we allow grace to enter into our lives.
We have the power to choose how we want to live: depressed or joyful. We might need the help of others to keep us up, and when we watch out, we can find this support everywhere.

Our guest Raquel Torrent has chosen to live the life of beauty, elegance and grace. In our conversation she expresses herself in this way and we hope to inspire you to do alike!


Raquel  has been called the “midwife of the Spirit” by many people, who, over the years, have benefited from her Psychotherapy consultations, Coaching sessions or Workshops, Articles, and Annual Seminars. She is more than just an outstanding integral psychologist in four languages, she is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and guide for individuals and groups who are ready to take the next steps in their personal development and evolution to enjoy a valuable life.

0:00 Intro Heidi – The Feminine in Integral
0:50 “Ageing with elegance and grace”, Raquel introduces herself: looking back – recognition of grace. Education and further studies. Psychology and spirituality. In research of the wisdom of the soul.
4:00 Behaviorist teachings > humanistic>humanistic> integral psychology
6:00 Getting older is a journey – getting older makes us more quiet, not necessaily at the outside, but inside. Maintaining the inner peace. Letting things be. Inner elegancy, also showing outside.
10:30 Resting attitude when there is no need for action. Trying to see the bigger picture. Believing in grace = arrive in the consciousness of living in an energetic world of everything there is. Connected with something bigger than me, as well as myself.
14:45 Sensing in what is the right thing to do, knowing yourself deeply. CAn be learned by “elegantly resting”, laying back (inside of us) and act from there.
17:30 Older people are not superfluous, but serve for something! Letting the space to the younger generation, but be here as an energetic backup, holding the space for them.
20:30 The clue is Forgiveness. Letting go of resentments. Cleaning up with the blocking energies.
22:00 What to do to arrive at these insights of ageing with grace? Daily practice. Forgiveness. Re-sent-ment = feel over and over again a lie. Recognising the lie: the process. Seeing the reality of the person and looking for the love in me. Keeping the energy flowing.
30:00 Handling emotions: recognise the hurt and the negative charge. I can change the polarity. Negative emotions crystallize and create physical problems. Transmuting the polarity of the energy.
35:30 3 types of medicine. Physical, psychological, energetic. Feeling ill in older age: you can do something, (energy work). Recognition of the lack of balance: > stop! >Start connecting with breath > reconnect with life. 40:25 Looking for the root cause. An example: Raquel’s experience in the voice contest. The information of her body. Asking the pain: when did it start? What is the symptom telling me? >>energetic consciousness of how to cope with the situation.
48:00 Heidi’s story of the day before leaving for Italy.
49:50 The need of discernment: Is it in alignment with what I really want. The call of the soul.
53:05 FInd something to have fun and find out what your possibilities are. Do things just for the experience, not for career or money reasons! Step out of the comfort zone. We need a challenge to keep staying alive.
55:00 Don’t just do nothing, but resting doesn’t mean to do anything, but to step up and do, while maintaining the inner rest. Elegance and Grace: be it ease with oneself, wherever we are. Have a presence which is nice to be around. Don’t become negative, grumpy or blaming!